Saw Palmetto for Prostate Health

Updated | 2019-12-15

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I am not a going to the doctor getting prescriptions to fix everything kind of guy, but that morning when I rose from my chair after doing a bit of writing, the pain in my side was so great it reeled me back down into a sitting position. I found myself gasping for breath, sitting still for a few seconds, regrouping and trying again. The pain came on instantly, so intense I could not stand. Once more I found my comfort zone in a sitting position. The third time I rose, I forced myself to stand and walk. Slowly I was able to move away from the chair, but I could not stand straight. I found myself forcing myself into a walking position. Twenty steps later, the pain was no longer there and I was walking normally. Unfortunately, when I sat down again a few minutes later, the pain reared its ugly head when I tried to rise and again I was a fish on a hook who could not get away from the chair.

I called the doctor.

Two hours later I found myself in an MRI machine. There was no pain lying down, there was no pain when I sat, there was no pain after I forced myself to walk normally, but there was pain when I rose from a sitting position. I figured the MRI was the only way to find out what was going on.

The doctor told me my prostate was enlarged, had probably been enlarged for sometime, and the pain was coming from it—or so he and others he consulted with—deduced. He gave me a prescription to ease the inflammation. But he also let loose a whammy: I would probably need to take the drug for the rest of my life.

Now I already stated I am not the going to a doctor to get prescriptions to fix everything kind of guy. My wife and I discussed the issue. We did a bit of research—both on the prescription drug and what kind of plant-based natural products might be useful. We came up with a solution to the problem that did not include the prescription: saw palmetto fruit extract.

According to NatureClaim, the evidence was good that this fruit extract would help relieve the inflammation from my newly discovered enlarged and inflamed prostate. And the evidence was good. The pain did not go away all at once. I exercised, ate better, and took two of each of them once in the morning and once in the evening, but after a six month regimen, I found I could decrease the dosage to one of each a day and after three more months, discontinued them altogether.

Before I had the pain, I found myself waking once or twice in the night to urinate, but even though I woke, I was able to go back to sleep almost immediately. The only other symptom I had was a need to urinate three or four times within the first hour of waking. Those had been my only symptoms. Now, almost two years later, I still may have to urinate once during the night (but most of the time I sleep straight through) and I still have a need to urinate two or three times in the first hour of waking, but that is my only symptom of an enlarged prostate. The saw palmetto is on the shelf for when I need to begin the regimen again. But best of all, I do not have the need to become that going to a doctor to get prescriptions to fix everything kind of guy.

"Prostate Health" was written by Michael Brownstein

Michael Brownstein

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