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The Team

Korey Brownstein

Korey Brownstein, Ph.D.

Founder and Director

Korey received a doctoral degree in Molecular Plant Sciences from Washington State University. He has published in Metabolomics, Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences - Metabolomics, and other peer-reviewed journals.

Hien Nguyen

Hien Nguyen, M.Sc.


Hien graduated from the University of Missouri with a master's degree in Plant, Insect and Microbial Sciences. Her expertise is animal biology, and she is currently developing novel drugs for the treatment of pediatric cancers.

Ragy Amin

Ragy Amin


Ragy has a bachelor's degree in Economics from The University of Chicago. He is one of ten students from Egypt to receive the Sawiris Scholarship. He also has experience in business support and project management.

Camilla Bertoluzza

Camilla Bertoluzza, MIM


Camilla graduated with a Master's in International Management from the University of Bologna. She was also a graduate exchange student at The University of Chicago. She has experience in marketing.

The Interns

Huy Quang

Huy Quang

Huy is a high school student from Vietnam. He has a passion for biology and chemistry. In the future, he wants to pursue a career in computer science.

Nicolas Donoso

Nicolas Donoso

Nicolas graduated with a bachelor's degree in Business Sciences from Lead University. He has experience working in Google international marketing programs, financial analysis, and engineering environments. He also has a deep understanding of advertising.